US Consulate

Our hotel is located near the U.S. Consulate General in Naples, located in Piazza della Repubblica, 80122 Naples, is a modern and impressive building in white color, where outdoors and guarded 24 hours by 24 the military, so you will see it, directly on sea near the Rivera di Chiaia.
And it ‘right here that after having made an appointment with the consul, are issued visas for immigration, residence permits and VISA. In addition, you can always ask for green cards for those who must travel to the U.S. for business, pleasure or to live in the States. It ‘the only consulate in the world, issuing visas for Iranians.

General Information on the American Consulate in Naples:

American Consulate in Naples
Republic Square – 80122 NAPLES
Telephone (switchboard): (+39) 081/583.8111

You must reach the Institute Varelli byefore the 8.00 o’ clock for medical applications? It is not a problem we will book a taxi in just 10 minutes you will be the institute!

How to reach the American consulate in Naples:

From Central Station Piazza Garibaldi:
Take the subway “Line 2” to Mergellina station, and from the station go down to Piazza San Nazzaro and take Viale Gramsci after 500 meters you will reach Piazza della Repubblica in Naples headquarters of the American Consulate.

From the Airport:

take the Bus (Alibus) till Garibaldi station and than subway till Mergellina.

Price taxi from Airport around 25 euros (20 minutes), about 13 euros from the Garibaldi station (10 minutes);

Phone for reservations: 22 22 6 081.03

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