Mergellina metro station

Mergellina station (Subway) was built on in 1927 by Gaetano Costa, inside there is also the decorations liberty style.

From Mergellina passing trains of the FF SS and Metro you  can reach the central station of Piazza Garibaldi in a few minutes.

This line is also ideal for reaching the historic center of Naples with the Montesanto stop and Campli Felgrei with adjoining exhibition MOSTRA D’OLTRAMRE in Naples and the San Paolo stadium wil be rach in a two stop.

In Mergellina station, near our hotel, you will find:

Ticket office


>Parking exchange


>Stop passing bus (C16 – C24)

Stations and interchanges:

POZZUOLI – BAGNOLI – CAVALLEGGERI AOSTA – FIELDS FLEGREI (FS, Line 6, lines 7 and 8) – LEOPARDI – MERGELLINA (FS, Line 6)-AMEDEO – MONTESANTO (funicular railways, lines 5 and 7) – CAVOUR (Line 1, Line future 9) – Garibaldi (FS, lines 3 and 4, the future Line 1)-Gianturco – Galileo Ferraris – Vigliena – SAN GIOVANNI

Operating ranges are in minutes:

Gianturco-Garibaldi 2 min

Garibaldi Cavour 3-min

Cavour Montesanto 2-min

Montesanto Amedeo 2-min

Amedeo Mergellina 3-min

Mergellina Leopardi 2-min

Campi Flegrei leopards-2 min

Campi Flegrei-Aosta Cavalry 1 min

Aosta Cavalry Bagnoli-2 min

Bagnoli, Pozzuoli 3-min

This metro station of Mergellina is located near our hotel, situated on the seafront Caracciolo of Naples, will take you to the various strategic points and the center of Naples (Shopping Centre – Piazza Amedeo – Central Station – Piazza Cavour) in very few minutes.